Social media plan

  • Deepen relationships with customers.
  • Make your brand stand out and recognizable.
  • Make your social media appearance consistent.

Why do you need a social media plan?

To be consistent and effective througout the social media channels, you need to have some guidelines before you start. Does it happen that you don’t know what to post about? Or how to relate to your audience? A social media plan gives you the certainty that your message is delivered consistent, with high quality and engaging.

What is a social media plan?

A social media plan is a document that gives guidance to your online appearance.

With a social media plan, you have the certainty that what you create is in line with your companies vision and is consistent with the message that you want to share with your audience is.

With the right strategy in place, you can grow your audience and engage on a deeper level.


“Thanks to the social media plan, we now have a much better idea of what type of content to create and how to write our captions or blog posts to reach our customers. Since we have this plan, we no longer have situations where we do not know what to write or share.”


“The social media plan gave us a clear picture and guideline about our brand and its online visibility. These days we save a huge amount of time in creating and publishing content. We set up a precise communication mix of what we wanted to tell the world and we were able to achieve our goals very quickly.”

Time Of Motion

We used to have big problems with our social networks, often we didn’t know what to write about or share. Working with Joseph and his help in drawing up our plan, we understand that it is not that difficult, and it can be very creative and entertaining if you follow certain rules. Today, we cannot imagine our online presentation without this plan.


Your social media plan, this is our process

1st call: Introduction & fill in our questionnaire
2nd call: Social media audit
3th call: Delivery of the Social Media plan
4th call: Support and follow up

About Josef Sindelka

In the last 3 years I helped businesses to level up their online presence through social media.

I had the pleasure to work with companies from Germany, Switzerland or Czech Republic. I’m helping them plan, produce and create audiovisual content for their online platforms.

Since then they have seen an increase in followers, more visitors to their website and more leads.