Loyalty program

  • Affiliates promote your products and services.
  • Higher visibility means more people will visit your website.
  • More traffic means an increase of customers.

What is a loyalty program?

With a loyalty program you can give back to the the people who promote your product of business. When they refer to one of your products and a visitor buys that product, your referal recieves a percentage of the revenue. When doing it right, this is a great tool to improve your page ranking and visibility. .

Why you need a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is a great way to incentivize people to promote your business. It’s one of the most effective ways to scale your business because you don’t longer have to invest in paid ads.

When done right, you will soon notice that people start writing about your products and refer them to your site. It’s one of the best ways to grow your visibility and traffic and increase your profits.


“Every week I receive more leads from my landing page for the Spanish institute.”

Lolo Lázaro
Owner, Habla Spanish Institute

“With the questions and strategy, not only did it turn into a great landing page, but also a better business model”

Owner, Sandra Teach

“I understand the psychology behind a great landing page now and feel confident that this landing page will boosts our business.”

Owner, Grootbesparen.com

Your loyalty program, this is our process

1st call: Introduction & fill in our questionare
Blueprint of the implementation
Installation and configuration
Manual and support