Content repurposing

  • Get more value out of your content
  • Save time by reusing the content you already have.
  • Increase your visibility effectively.

What is content repurposing?

With content repurposing you use your existing content, for example an article or video. With parts of this article of video you create new or additional pieces of content that are easier to share on Social Media.

Why you should start repurposing your content.

Creating valuable content is time-consuming and expensive.

Once you publish you can only share it once.

But if you take out different parts of this article and ‘recycle’ then into new pieces of content, like infographics, presentations, and videos.

You can then use these parts to send out a new mail campaign, Facebook or Instagram post or Tweet.

This way you can maximize the return of investment from your content.

Maximize the value of your content

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