A powerful landing page

  • Seemless works with your ad campaigns.
  • Convinces visitors in buying your product or service.
  • Improve conversions by measuring and testing.

What is a landing page?

It’s a page specially designed to match your target audience. This page can be part of your website, but it will not link to other pages. The goal is to tempt, influence and pursuade the visitor to sell your product or service or to get valuable information from this visitor.

Why do you need a landing page?

What happens when a visitor uses your chatbox or fills in a form?

You paid for ads, but none of the clicks are converting into a lead.

You want to pitch a new product or service, but you don’t want your regular website visitors to see it.

You want to optimize your ad budget. You can split your target audience on the age group, and make landing pages that relate more to those age groups.


“Every week I receive more leads from my landing page for the Spanish institute.”

Lolo Lázaro
Owner, Habla Spanish Institute

“With the questions and strategy, not only did it turn into a great landing page, but also a better business model”

Owner, Sandra Teach

“I understand the psychology behind a great landing page now and feel confident that this landing page will boosts our business.”

Owner, Grootbesparen.com

Your landing page, this is our process

1st call: Introduction & fill in our questionnaire
2nd call: Improve the prototype of the landing page
3rd call: Meeting to finalize the prototype
Implementation into your website